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This doesn’t need to make sense to anyone but me. So many fiddly bits mentioned here don't and shouldn't makes sense without all my extensive ridiculous notes.

Arc One:
MC is an acolyte in the order that is in her city, the Fleshshaper order. She’s given her first task; a naga, and told to “fix it”. She interprets this as make the naga human again, and gets pretty far along, all while slowly developing an uncomfortable friendship with the naga woman, since she is an outsider and thus can reveal that a lot of the teachings she’s been given are wrong. Her superiors eventually pull her aside and tell her that she is doing it wrong, and gently explain she is only supposed to be making naga a better monster. MC is in shock, not sure how to deal with this – naga is deemed good enough and stable, and taken to be released and have CRAZY triggered in her. MC is forced to attend, but cannot finish her duties to make her friend crazy. Someone else goes to, explaining that if MC really morally objects, she is allowed to suicide via her creation with no repercussions; instead, as they go to make naga crazy, MC finds her inner badass and fights off the superiors long enough for naga to get free – naga, rather than running alone, grabs her and takes MC with her.

Arc Two:
MC and naga are fleeing across the country to the secret place naga used to get into the country before she was captured. They do the best they can, occasionally run into other monsters and uncrazy some of them. MC and naga are eventally cornered; once again, MC sacrifices herself to allow naga to escape – only this time it is because naga knows the outside world, and knows who to go to in order to find help for the monsters. Naga does flee alone this time, very upset, but can’t bring herself to leave the continent completely without MC. Her dwarf boyfriend finds her at that point, and they start plotting. Meanwhile, MC is taken to the place where the designs for monsters go out from, and the lead designer, a crazy crazy artist, decides that she will be a manticore – and starts converting her. She’s pretty fucked up when naga and dwarf come to rescue her, and bust her out. Dwarf has to drug her silly to get past the mental blocks that say her magic can’t effect herself so she can reshape her body enough to survive. That done, they make a break for escape once more. MC gets an arrow to the face, loosing an eye, and gets it replaced by something crazy looking. Maybe a goat. They’ll be riding them, after all. They make it out through a fancy hidden tunnel that we’ll all recognize from an underwater aquarium walkthrough thingy.

Arc Three:
They made it out! To the desert, which is full of black sand. They meet up with the local nomads, who are gathering for a meeting because dwarf’s family had come looking for him, and gets brought along. The tribe’s shammy makes MC’s new eye fit a little better, and pets her a lot, since her manticore traits echo their holy demi-god’s form. They get taken to the meeting, unite with dwarf’s family, MC meets a demi-god who is a genuine manticore, and explains the situation. Manticore references the other demi-gods, and they decide it’s not within the parameters of their guardianship to allow the monsters to suffer – clerics start a pilgrimage from all over in order to start smuggling them out. MC bonds with the tribe she met with in the meantime, meets a REAL non-demigod manticore, gets adopted into the species and learns some of their legends and such. Raids to save monsters start up, they accidentally find the power source for the wall – and BREAK IT. PERMANANTLY. Meaning that people and monsters are able to escape without being reduced to dust and bones, and sea life can live in the ocean nearby again. Success, to an extent. Most people just want to stay the way things were, they just can’t force people to turn into monsters anymore. MC is tired of everything and goes off to explore the wide world.


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